Outdistance [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outdistance:

Ordinarily in a straight-away run he could outdistance the fleetest foxhound.

Mrs. Carrington was determined that her rival should not outdistance her at the finish.

We may outdistance him a few yards, but a lot depends on the wind.

Even a summer fawn is reputed to be able to outdistance a Wolf.

In that moment she reached a mark in her spiritual career that she was to outdistance but once.

Nothing, however, on four legs or two, would have a ghost of a chance to outdistance a racing aroplane.

I can go on and on without stopping and outdistance the sources of the night; my youth is inexhaustible, my feet will never weary.

The balls will cross in starting and repeatedly thereafter unless one should outdistance the other.

Toby dropped his gun and ran, but he knew he could not outdistance the furious animal at his heels.

Her voice was sobbing now, but she kept on, and she set a pace that Harkness could not outdistance.