Outed [interjection]

Definition of Outed:

go away

Synonyms of Outed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outed:


Sentence/Example of Outed:

We shall be outed; and that'll never do, because there's no other set of fellows that can save this country.'

I'll bet you've never realised the life girls who get outed lead.

But no girl gets "outed," as you call it, unless she's predisposed that way.

On making certain concessions, outed ministers were to be restored.

I outed the chap, an' you took care o' the ha'pence; so we helped each other, an' done it atween us.

Come to that, it might ha' been you outed instead o' your friend what you was talkin' so sociable with.

So he was adjudged scandalous, and outed of his benefice, and our minister had the parsonage.

It was some years before the manses were built, and homelessness added to poverty pressed heavily on the outed ministers.

"I'm sure, sir, you may well be proud to have outed him in one round," said the publican.

And, hang me, if the major didn't say we must go and make absolutely sure that we had outed 'em.