Outfits [noun]

Definition of Outfits:

set of clothes or equipment

Synonyms of Outfits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outfits:


Sentence/Example of Outfits:

"Canvas it is, then," nodded his uncle, and went on making up the outfits.

Eagerly they scrambled into their outfits, then barged out into the night.

That bundle I chucked in the bow has a couple of sheepmen's outfits in it.

Well, we're going to be blighted Argonauts, but we've got to get busy over our outfits.

Excep' fer their uniform an' outfits, we've met 'em all before but the Japs.

Over it went, staples and outfits all going down into the water.

We travelled now four outfits together, with some twenty-five horses.

At about seven o'clock in the morning the outfits began to move.

When out of sight and sound of the village the two outfits parted.

In the afternoon the boys inspected their outfits and took it easy.