Outfitted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Outfitted:

He outfitted a small poling-boat and went up the Porcupine River.

He was fed, outfitted, and kept safe from the law that was looking for him.

"The Pelican and the Curlew are outfitted for that kind of work," she stated.

Quickly he outlined Duke's proposal and explained how they had outfitted the Cub.

We had outfitted in Green River, so the wagons were already loaded.

"I see you've been outfitted for our new climate," she went on.

Then you paid a visit to the Vestiare, where the soldiers are outfitted.

Then Don Mario outfitted and sent his paid emissary after the old man.

Tom Wilson outfitted the party, but was unable to accompany them.

And they say each plane is outfitted with skids so that it can land safely on the ice.