Outfitters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outfitters:

A full-fledged master, outfitter, owner of a boat—my own boat!

The profits of the Whale Fishery belong, almost entirely, to the outfitter.

If your outfitter does not know of it, tell him it is made at San José, California.

An outfitter supplied the horses for a rental which I have forgotten.

These northern waters Gray called Derby Sound, after the outfitter.

"Horsehair coats have made their appearance," says The Outfitter.

My calm regard forbade the gentleman's outfitter to smile, even in the back of his head.

The gentleman's outfitter's tone implied that wool was the last thing he would care to have anything to do with.

The gentleman's outfitter suddenly turned his back, and stood thus for an instant struggling with something like a spasm.

Any seamstress who can cut and make an ordinary work shirt can make an adickey if your outfitter cannot supply it.