Outfitting [verb]

Definition of Outfitting:

clothe, equip

Synonyms of Outfitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outfitting:

Sentence/Example of Outfitting:

But when I was outfitting I could not get near enough phenacetin.

From long practice Blythe was an adept at outfitting a yacht for a cruise.

Therefore, the question of outfitting was a problem to be taken seriously.

He had come to St. Louis in 1804 and become an adept in outfitting.

He will look forward to the education and outfitting of his children.

The duffel bag may be procured from any outfitting establishment.

Such is the outfitting and infitting business in its relations to whaling.

The moral of all this is that pork and beans must not be forgotten when outfitting.

She was working for a ladies' outfitting shop, and was very poorly paid.

I'll leave word in the miners' outfitting store at Danby and you can address me there.