Outflank [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outflank:

We must turn back and try to outflank them and join the rest of the patrol.

But the commander was determined not to abandon his effort to outflank the enemy.

Attack on localities, with or without the tendency to outflank.

If they do try to outflank us, I suppose we must fall back again?

They form circles of regiments in order to outflank the enemy.

It was a long detour for Paul to outflank his game and get to the leeward of it.

But they might outflank him and come in to the right or left of him.

Roberts's aim was to outflank and possibly to capture Cronje's army.

The other regiments were deployed to the right and left to outflank the rebel position.

The right and left divisions were disposed so as to outflank the army of Nayan.