Outgo [noun]

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Dekker, however, is one of those authors whose personal effect tends to outgo the purely artistic one.

Roy turned the business around, watching the income and the outgo.

The income and outgo of the body in both matter and energy is balanced.

All outgo and no income for four years is leaving the Strong finances in mighty precarious shape, I can tell you.

In a general way, a depositor finds his income and his outgo balancing.

From here he passes to a series of bulletin-boards, which inform him of the arrival or outgo of wheat at many cities.

Outlay is used of some definite expenditure, as for the purchase of supplies; outgo of a steady drain or of incidental expenses.

This represents an approximation between income and outgo which it would be hard to improve.

By working together, the Congress and the Executive can keep a balance between income and outgo.

Many also of them missed their ways, and the earnestness of such as aimed to outgo the rest threw down many of them.