Outhouse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outhouse:

I think she must have hid it in some outhouse, and fetched it the next night.

There were tools and a joiner's bench in an outhouse, and there he worked.

"In the outhouse you will find a considerable quantity of straw," said Holmes.

The landlord led them to an outhouse, in which were some trusses of straw.

With this he retired, and blubbered a good hour in an outhouse.

The bath was in an outhouse about fifty yards across the yard from the ward.

No, sahib, but there is an outhouse which would hold the two horses.

A man died, and, according to custom, he was laid out in an outhouse.

He unlatched the outhouse and feverishly harnessed six of the dogs to the sled.

They were fortunate enough to find a fish-trap in the outhouse.