Outlanders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outlanders:

The outlander's lidless eyes were filmed with a gray membrane.

We are not happy with the rule of this outlander who has forced himself into power.

He was indeed an outlander, but yet a Thibetan in language, habit and attire.

I mean juice up an outlander so he can enjoy the pleasures of your world?

To them he appeared as an outlander, and yet he was, withal, so intensely Swedish.

He bitterly decided that the folks were lining up against the outlander.

Because he was an outlander he was easily persuaded to swear to Kiartan's death.

He knew from the foreign swagger of his clothes that the man was an outlander.

Otherwise your Britisher does not bother himself with what the outlander may or may not do.

Let the outlander come hither that he may see the work of the Black Ones.