Outlandish [adjective]

Definition of Outlandish:

bizarre, strange

Synonyms of Outlandish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlandish:

Sentence/Example of Outlandish:

An outlandish appearance, sure to excite observation, is thus avoided.

But why in the world do you go to such an outlandish place as that three times?

Just the same, I fail to see what's to be gained by these outlandish methods!

He loves to hear tell of or to be shown something that he calls 'outlandish.'

He was barefooted, and looking as outlandish as the heart of Swaffer could desire.

Whoever he was, he had the most outlandish rig on a fellow ever saw!

At last he came across an outlandish bird and its young ones.

I am glad to get somebody decent to talk to, or at, in this outlandish ultima Thule.

"Why, the outlandish place isn't weather-tight," responded Tom.

Chests and neighbors have been rummaged20 for outlandish costumes.