Outlawed [adjective]

Definition of Outlawed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Outlawed:

Sentence/Example of Outlawed:

But it is fourteen years—time enough for anything to be outlawed.

Since his day it has served, as it served before, for the haunt of outlawed men.

On his resisting the warrant which was then made out for his arrest, he was outlawed.

I was outlawed on account of you—an' it ain't no more'n right you should share it with me.

Brooke's terms were unconditionally accepted, and Makota outlawed.

The oppressed, the wretched, the outlawed have found in me their only protector.

Thus was Grettir outlawed for a deed of which he was innocent.

For this, in 1209, he was outlawed, and had to leave the country.

It is the home of that outlawed woman where Madame Arles had died.

Again he was outlawed, again he leagued with the fiery Gryffyth.