Outlays [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outlays:

Mrs. Lynn had rather rebelled against the outlay on Sarah's education.

This will recoup him for his outlay, because the working capital has not been touched.

We mistake the outlay of money for an expenditure of sympathy.

The Boches and the Poissons also sneered with an extraordinary display and outlay of grief.

Persuading myself that I had no real need of this and that, I reduced my weekly outlay.

Nearly all this outlay was made before the beginning of the first trip.

But things maunna be gotten at the outlay o' mair than they're worth.

The meaning is discovered, but at too great an outlay of vitality.

The Directors would consent to no outlay from the society's funds.

The outlay will be large, but it must be feasible; how can it, if the labour of thousands is not cheap?