Outlier [noun]

Definition of Outlier:

something that stands apart

Synonyms of Outlier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlier:

Sentence/Example of Outlier:

We first visited together the outlier of the Weald at Linksfield.

The dome of Knocklayd, capped by an outlier of chalk and basalt, consists mostly of this far more ancient series.

The outlier of the group once created served as a nucleus for fresh accumulations.

"Eat," said Akela, rising up from the meat Mowgli had brought him, and the Outlier flung himself on it.

It was Won-tolla, the Outlier, and he said never a word, but continued his horrible sport beside the dholes.

To the north its place is taken by the Adirondacks, which are an outlier of the great Laurentian area of Canada.

A wisp of cloud, an outlier of the main bank, lay directly ahead of us.

Miraculously, he reached the outlier skirmish without being spotted.

So murmured Frank to himself, as with straining eyes he gazed upon that first outlier of the New World which held his all.

The extreme south-east of the county includes part of the Triassic outlier of Kingscourt.