Outlined [adjective]

Definition of Outlined:

marked in outline

Synonyms of Outlined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlined:


Sentence/Example of Outlined:

Briefly she outlined the situation to Emma, who had long been her confidante.

And how different was this new programme from the one outlined by Sir Marcus.

This immense, squared-off building was outlined against the sky.

A very simple barge for this purpose is outlined in Figs. 25 and 26.

Against this the pirate was outlined as he sat on his stool.

Franklin's important discoveries are outlined in the first chapter of this book.

He outlined to Grace the circumstances which led up to the woman's escape from the cab.

Two women, he thought, outlined against the lighted square of the window.

He stood fast by his good old Prussian dogma, as outlined in “I am a Prussian!”

He had thrown off his helmet, so that his massive head was outlined against the sky.