Outlines [noun]

Definition of Outlines:

plan, sketch

Synonyms of Outlines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlines:


Sentence/Example of Outlines:

The enclosure now existing has no reference to the outlines of the intrenchment.

The two countesses had no outlines at all, and the dowager's was a demd outline.

He is taken to the roof, from which he sees far off the outlines of the Delectable Mountains.

The outlines of earth and sky all round are vague, indistinct.

While the outlines of most of the abbey are Norman, the choir is almost all of later date.

At least it is only when he outlines his remedy that my own protest is aroused.

Various summaries of these outlines have been made, and to these the reader is referred.

"You may fill in the outlines at your discretion," Mrs. Standish pursued sweetly.

It was unchanged, but its outlines had left no impress upon his mind.

Thus the cube's outlines were not reconstructed; and, in effect, it had vanished.