Outlying [adjective]

Definition of Outlying:

in rural area; remote

Synonyms of Outlying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outlying:

Sentence/Example of Outlying:

Possibly, after all, the man was merely a patrol from some outlying station.

He was a patrol guard, on a visiting tour of the outlying stations.

France is summed up to him in Paris and in the chateaux of outlying districts.

Is it some outlying debt of vengeance, an old vendetta, detains you here?

Was it on some small, outlying island, as has been suggested?

And those in the outlying districts don't even pretend to have a business.

The wonder is that the outlying settlements were not abandoned.

He would have given to the Garden of Eden the atmosphere of an outlying suburb.

I shall have to do a lot of trekking in the wild, outlying parts.

The detachment of the outlying portions of the empire followed.