Outmoded [adjective]

Definition of Outmoded:

obsolete, old-fashioned

Opposite/Antonyms of Outmoded:

Sentence/Example of Outmoded:

The sentiment behind the card is as lovely and as true as ever, but the cards themselves are outmoded bottles for the new wine.

For to be outmoded is to be a classic, if one has written well.

If such things as these be outmoded, why was she so wildly popular?'

Its original promoters decided on its rather eccentric title with a symbolism now outmoded.

Now that "dandies are outmoded" and everybody is "a philosopher," "they are philosophers."

Outmoded mechanisms were being brought out of wraps and prepared for use.

Incidentally, it also serves as the EU's dumping grounds for anything from toxic waste to shoddy or outmoded products.

These steps have already saved billions of dollars in regulatory costs and slashed thousands of outmoded regulations.

This is the time to reform this outmoded social dinosaur and finally break the poverty trap.

Are they still buffeting the seas, or do they lie moored and outmoded beside some green wharf, their days of usefulness over?