Outpace [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outpace:

Henri, interest aroused, made it a point to outpace his companion.

He did not gain on me, it is true; but neither did I outpace him.

Faster and faster rushed the car in futile attempt to outpace the whispered treason.

The gray fox was a mile from his burrow, and knowing that the red fox could outpace him, decided to fight for his booty.

A good runner may outpace an elephant on level ground for a short sprint.

Rawson-Clew walked on ahead of the pair; he had to outpace them, since he was bound the same way, and could not walk with them.

So furious was his riding that the Baron, who was foaming behind, must needs shout to him not to outpace the company.

Each side endeavoured to outpace the other, with the object of surrounding the enemy's marching wing.

The skillful will outpace the unskillful; the thrifty will take from the improvident; genius will overtop mediocrity.

This was the situation when we set out for Nancy, our big car running slowly, in order not to outpace the rickety Red Cross cab.