Outplayed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outplayed:

I'm in this now, and we will see if Addicks can outplay me as well as you.

She went into the game fiercely resolving to outplay her team-mates if she could.

Yale may outplay Harvard, but if Harvard sufficiently out-cheers Yale she wins, and to the rooters belong the praise.

Youre up against a heady bunch of fellows and youve got to outwit them as well as outplay them if youre going to win.

Match yourself against the men who can outplay you, not against the men you already excel.

Angle had to endure many taunts at the failure of all his attempts to outplay Grettir.

Split merely wanted to play well, to outplay Cecilia, to be independent of her and play her own accompaniments.

He was supremely confident that he could outplay the German statesmen and military leaders.