Outraged [verb]

Definition of Outraged:

wrong, offend, abuse

Synonyms of Outraged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outraged:

Sentence/Example of Outraged:

The girl was appalled by the mercilessness of a destiny that had so outraged right.

Cassidy sneered, outraged by such impudence on the part of an ex-convict.

They quite blocked the pathway, oblivious to everything but their outraged feelings.

The woman, the amorosa, alone remained in her, outraged and exasperated by a rival.

I am glad that public decency is not to be outraged by their embarking together.

The floodgates were opened; outraged nature was taking her revenge.

It so outraged him and upset him that for hours he would behave like a demon.

His amour-propre, his long fidelity, his deep affection—all were outraged.

I respect the natural indignation of an outraged father, but—ahem!

Outraged dignity and injured pride were expressed in every line of her figure.