Outrageously [adverb]

Definition of Outrageously:


Synonyms of Outrageously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outrageously:


Sentence/Example of Outrageously:

This miserable wretch has deceived me most outrageously, gentlemen!

It was all outrageously illegal, and sentimental, and harmful to the sanctity of the law.

Gertie flirted with him outrageously‚ÄĒthere was no other phrase for it.

Then came their memory, and she was outrageously triumphant.

And this is no outrageously impossible, but a very likely and fitting combination.

And in her first adventure beyond the gate, how outrageously she had been cheated!

Yankee Hill is most outrageously puffed by some of the Albany papers.

The least able of them all to control his emotions, he was now doing the outrageously masculine.

What do you mean by chaffing these American officers so outrageously.

They have been so, frequently and outrageously, both in other countries and in this.