Outrank [verb]

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The counting-house was coming to outrank the editorial room in their management.

In this one respect—I dare not say in any other—we outrank our brothers.

Wells, who is colonel of regulars, claims to outrank Lewis, and demands to be posted on the right.

He's supposed to outrank a Space Patrol General—and he's amused by the situation he's here to remedy.

To outrank these exalted personages was not beyond inquisitorial ambition.

Many of these now outrank the parent in the regions and for the purposes for which Taylor is grown.

He will do less at first, but he promises to outrank the other man after a period of further training.

This explains why the world is so filled with fanatics and schismatics, and why every man would master and outrank all others.

Septmoncel is the leader of these, made in the Jura mountains and considered by many French caseophiles to outrank Roquefort.