Outriders [noun]

Definition of Outriders:

something that indicates outcome or event beforehand

Synonyms of Outriders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outriders:


Sentence/Example of Outriders:

"And really, uncle, we need no one at all as an outrider," said Laura.

The sense of sleep was upon me, and with it the obstinacy which sleep brings as outrider.

The boar was in his lair, and the outrider who had turned him aside answered for him.

Their carriage was very handsome, with four black horses and an outrider.

Ivn Petrvich went up to his parents' monument, bowed to it, and went back to be helped into his six-in-hand with an outrider.

Suspecting that he had despatches for me, I directed my outrider to overtake him and find out.

Daddy Moses drove us and mother insisted that Cully should go as an outrider.

These vehicles seat comfortably four persons, a charioteer, who drove, and an outrider seated behind.

All at once an outrider passes, covered with dust, and the crowd presses forward to get a better view.

Everything ends; and at last the procession reached the bedroom door, the outrider having filed off to the rear.