Outrigger [noun]

Definition of Outrigger:

light, paddled boat

Synonyms of Outrigger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outrigger:


Sentence/Example of Outrigger:

About seventy outrigger boats of all sizes lie on the beach.

Single canoes are not so easily separated from their outrigger.

The larger sort do not require what we may call the outrigger rowlocks.

Of the two canoes, one is smaller than the other, and the smaller serves by way of an outrigger.

It has an outrigger; and outrigger, mast, and yard are of bamboo.

Had the nerve to say we fouled his boat, and broke that outrigger, Lossing.

When that outrigger smashed they were a quarter of a length ahead.

It is necessary that the outrigger should always be on the windward side.

This was rigged to run from the spritsail-yard to an outrigger aft.

I could not get into an outrigger after seeing the great sculler.