Outrun [verb]

Definition of Outrun:

run faster than

Synonyms of Outrun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outrun:





Sentence/Example of Outrun:

Bill had horses which could outrun the fugitive, and why did he not use them?

Do you imagine you can outrun two squadrons of German cruisers?

Fast men in modern times are very apt to outrun the constable.

I have more last than you have and can outrun these fellows, never fear.

He leaned forward and spurred his horse to outrun the pursuers.

Drive as he would, he could not outrun that which rode with him.

To be frank with you, I'm wishing you'll outrun the boats that will come after you.

We may suspect that what they really want is to outrun their own personality.

He could outrun them on a clear highway—but not on the crowded Expressway.

She gazed, as if her longing were striving to outrun the steam.