Outset [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Outset:

But from the outset the plan was received with universal favor.

His instinct of sympathy with which he had greeted her at the outset was repelled, and made of no avail.

Just at the outset, the act of seeing made not the least impression on her numbed brain.

He was vastly astonished at the outset and not quite pleased.

Yet, at the outset, he could not be sure that she still lived.

With them, the crook is presumed guilty at the outset of whatever may be charged against him.

You should well consider at the outset if for family or market use.

Why not have said this to me--or what then occurred to you of it--at the outset, the first day after you came?

It was evident from the outset that, in at least one respect, we had counted without our host.

At the outset of the new enterprise there was again a flash of enthusiasm.