Outsiders [noun]

Definition of Outsiders:

person who is foreign to something

Synonyms of Outsiders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outsiders:

Sentence/Example of Outsiders:

"Perhaps I am not altogether an outsider, young sir," he replied, calmly.

After which, as if in despair, the outsider again rattled and jerked the knob.

Mentioning it to Billy might not, indeed, have mattered, since Billy was already an "outsider."

It might be difficult for them to explain their presence there to an outsider.

The latter was an outsider, but they had heard great things of her.

However that might be, it was evident that the brown traveller was a newcomer, an outsider.

"I suppose it is, to an outsider," responded the young actress.

Surely they could not think he had changed sufficiently to make him an outsider, he meditated.

She was shown a recognition-knot with the outsider's variation.

For the outsider judges a religion as he judges everything else in this world.