Outsmart [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outsmart:

We place a mental block in your mind, but you outsmart us, and now you know our weakness.

Or, simply, because he thinks he can outsmart the policeman on the beat.

Just stay alive and you can outsmart these savages, he repeated ironically to himself.

It's cat and mouse, who can outsmart whom, hunter versus hunted fun.

Anything he's after must be worth plenty to any guy who can outsmart him.

With his self-centered juvenile mind, he never thought anyone would try to outsmart him and succeed.

In short, a man breaks the law because he feels superior, because he thinks he can outsmart Society and The Law.

A half-crazy kid and yours truly trying to outsmart and out-Tarzan these wild men.

Don't try to outsmart your interrogator by giving false information.