Outspoken [adjective]

Definition of Outspoken:

explicit, unreserved

Synonyms of Outspoken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outspoken:

Sentence/Example of Outspoken:

He had not been outspoken, it is true, and herein lay one of the dangers.

Had the outspoken Lady Pen said anything about her hair, she wondered.

When Mary read this portion of the letter to her Uncle Shadrach his scorn was outspoken.

I had to be a little—just a little—you see—you know, outspoken, or—you know what I mean.

Father Ryan is candid, truthful, and outspoken, and commands respect.

He was but the heart-broken jester now, impulsive, outspoken.

He had for the first time to affirm his will in the face of outspoken opposition.

He describes Lever as being too fond of display and too outspoken.

All his talk today struck me as being straightforward and outspoken.

He still manifested an outspoken dislike for "intriguing fellows."