Outspokenness [noun]

Definition of Outspokenness:

complete honesty

Synonyms of Outspokenness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outspokenness:

Sentence/Example of Outspokenness:

Yet with all her outspokenness I am conscious of a tremendous sense of reservation.

"Pardon my outspokenness," he said, sinking his voice to a lower tone.

His own outspokenness was the glory of philosophy and science in his day.

I think it may take a little time for her to understand your jokes or you her outspokenness.

Her frankness was more the frankness of a child than the outspokenness of gaucherie.

Why not emulate his outspokenness, and thus spare him the certain shock of discovery?

He was a man peculiarly averse to outspokenness about his own feelings.

The outspokenness of Tom's answer allayed the governor's suspicions.

"They need your money," he declared, with a young man's outspokenness.

The head-master had the generosity to bear his censurer no grudge for his outspokenness.