Outvote [verb]

Definition of Outvote:

cancel, reverse a decision

Opposite/Antonyms of Outvote:

Sentence/Example of Outvote:

Now Rockingham and his friends needed aid from somebody to give them the strength to outvote Grenville and the Tories.

A number of these kings and princelings, combining in the Bundesrat, can outvote the powerful king of Prussia.

Our defeats we claimed as victories, inasmuch as we forced our opponents to bring out all their friends to outvote us.

I don't want to interfere in your plans, and as you would be two to one of course you could outvote me if I did.

It had no chance of passage, unless the king would create enough new peers to outvote the opposition.

If the holders of these seats were debarred from voting, the Populists could outvote the Republicans.

Representatives of seven-ninths will always see that representatives of two-ninths do not outvote them.