Outvoted [noun]

Definition of Outvoted:

an outnumbered group

Synonyms of Outvoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outvoted:

Sentence/Example of Outvoted:

You'd have been outvoted, for Hagthorpe here was entirely of my own mind.

I was outvoted, and had to give up my idea of a rustic meal in the open air.

I did manage to get them to keep him a few months longer; then they outvoted me.

If outvoted, he says that he will turn the case over and quit.

The bedlamite replied, The world said I was mad; I said the world was mad; and they outvoted me.

We have been outvoted in the cortes, and this afternoon we intend to dissolve them.

Besides, there was nothing else he could do; he was outvoted, all the way down the line.

I will not submit to be overruled and outvoted on every point by four to one.

Had Edinburgh been polled, the brethren knew that they would have been outvoted.

You're outvoted two to one, the thing's been done regular, and you can't kick.