Outward [adjective]

Definition of Outward:

visible; for appearances

Synonyms of Outward:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outward:

Sentence/Example of Outward:

And so she had resolved upon surrender—upon an outward surrender.

Mr. Gosse's return track leaves his outward track at this spot.

You look in vain for any outward signs of profligacy or debauchery.

To all outward seeming, nerveless, emotionless, an abject creature.

He was indifference personified, if one might judge from his outward appearance.

The outward result was the same as in the case of her companion.

When we saw a boat, we hailed and asked "if they were outward bound."

In the more obvious, outward sense, it had scarcely aged her.

In truth, these storms of outward conflict were to him of small moment.

Indeed, he was so unused to looking at her that he might well have forgotten her outward appearance.