Outwit [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outwit:

How it swells my pride, to have been able to outwit such a vigilant charmer!

And there for a while they sat discussing plans to outwit the enemy and draw his sting.

To outwit them was his first thought, but he must defeat their ends if it cost him his life.

A mere chit of a girl should not outwit him in that fashion.

To outwit these enemies both of the Laniers and her husband must disappear.

The fox said that man had stolen his cunning, and could now outwit him.

He thinks he has the cunning of all the animals, and that no one can outwit him.

The fox is the synonym of cunning, and will often outwit the shrewdest trapper.

You thought to outwit me; we shall see which will outwit the other.

I was strangely confident at the time that we should outwit our bloodthirsty foes.