Outwitted [verb]

Definition of Outwitted:

get the better of; figure out before another

Synonyms of Outwitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outwitted:


Sentence/Example of Outwitted:

There had been a conspiracy against him; he was outwitted, robbed, befooled.

Dorcas watched her, annoyed, and yet quite helpless; she was outwitted, and she knew it.

We trusted the sheriff last night, and he outwitted us; we must not trust him again.

And yet he was aware that she had outwitted him and gained his secret.

He saw that he was outwitted, that he was helpless, that he was even in personal danger.

Marzak tightened his lips, realizing how completely he had been outwitted.

The poison story had been a gag to make him think he had outwitted Domber.

He must go to Kasia Vard and confess that he had been outwitted.

Sharp as Mr. Bobolink was, we knew all his tricks, and had outwitted him often.

He saw that they had literally obeyed his orders, and that he had been outwitted.