Ovate [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ovate:

The cap or head varies in form from rounded to ovate or cone shape.

Heart-shaped or cordate, similar to ovate, but with a notch at the base.

Obovate, same as ovate, but with the stem at the narrow end.

The fourth glume is as long as the third, ovate, obtuse, paleate.

The first glume is shorter than the second, ovate, obtuse, 7- to 9-nerved.

The second glume is somewhat membranous, ovate, acute and 3-nerved.

Leaflets in 10–14 pairs, ovate, expanded, with a spine at the apex.

The leaves are ovate or cordate, deeply and regularly toothed.

The fruit is an ovate capsule, containing from one to four seeds.

The fruits are short, ovate, with short beaks and hooked bristles.