Overabundance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Overabundance:

A man like Munro is never blessed with an overabundance of friends.

The suppers in fact generally held an overabundance of food.

It is supposed, by some, to be caused by an insect, others suppose it to be caused by an overabundance of sap.

Simplicity, and pure line, were lost sight of when overabundance dulled the senses of the world.

Many of the bearers of commissions knew little more than the men; and of such untrained officers there was an overabundance.

The doctrine of implied powers is expounded with all of his peculiar force and clearness, but with some overabundance of verbiage.

Very handsome she was, full-fleshed without a trace of plumpness, fun breasted without a hint of overabundance.

She did not wish Brockton to see the ravages which late hours and overabundance of rich foods were making on her complexion.

At the same time that she makes adequate provision she should not encourage extravagance by overabundance.

How was Wetherell to know, in his fright, that Mr. Bixby had for once indulged in an overabundance of zeal in Jethro's behalf?