Overbearing [adjective]

Definition of Overbearing:

arrogant, domineering

Opposite/Antonyms of Overbearing:

Sentence/Example of Overbearing:

We never could get along together at all, because he is so high-strung and overbearing.

There was something so ruthless in the boy, so overbearing and heartless.

That was because he found his overbearing tactics did not work.

His manner, where he wished to conciliate, was pleasing; but to me it was overbearing and unpleasant.

He was brutal and overbearing with the workmen, but humble in the presence of his superiors.

He is arrogant and overbearing, and, at the same time, shallow and foolish.

Muy bien,” said the overbearing Grande, “and where is your padron?

It was not worth while having a row with men who were so overbearing.

Importunate seems to be used here in the sense of oppressive or overbearing.

He had an abominable temper, and a haughty, overbearing manner.