Overblown [adjective]

Definition of Overblown:

excessive, too much

Synonyms of Overblown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overblown:

Sentence/Example of Overblown:

Or ‘Friar Tuck’ so overblown He tipped the scale at fifteen stone.

One of these is notoriously tumidity—an overblown exaggeration of phrase.

Surely she could never become gross and overblown, the damask fading to an underwater bleach, dugs swollen to down pillows!

Yet Laura was neither gross nor unclean—indeed, pretty in her overblown way, and certainly friendly.

He looked like an overblown schoolboy, and though I felt so sorry for him, I could hardly help laughing.

Cornelia blushed; but some of the loose petals of the overblown rose in her bosom became detached, and floated earthward.

The overblown high Baroque style in ornament, swag, and cartouche was also drawn upon as a source for decorative cuts.

One of them is growing like a creeper around the branches of this overblown gorse-bush.

The storm which threatened the former was overblown, and he was in season to avert that by which the latter was threatened.

When he became dazzled with a vulgar, opulent, overblown person, Jacquaine would not view it as a temporary fascination.