Overcame [verb]

Definition of Overcame:

beat, defeat

Synonyms of Overcame:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcame:

Sentence/Example of Overcame:

And in that hour the joy of these two who were so fond of each other overcame all their sorrow.

It had carried an alien note that overcame him with instinctive fear and horror.

If Michael were stronger and overcame my party, there would be an end.

Thus the other woman in her tempted and overcame her, and drew her on from day to day.

But a second command, accompanied by a vigorous oath, overcame his hesitation.

He looked up at his friend and secretary in an amazement that overcame his shame.

Finally, he overcame the girl's scruples, and she departed in quest of a ladder.

One after another the Russians overcame all the obstacles in their way.

She overcame objections which, to myself, had seemed insurmountable.

The sleepy feeling which overcame him would have ended in death.