Overcharge [verb]

Definition of Overcharge:

charge to excess

Synonyms of Overcharge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcharge:


Sentence/Example of Overcharge:

These will be spoken of as the "Regular" charge and the "Overcharge."

After the overcharge is completed, take gravity readings of all the cells.

Every fourth week give the Overcharge instead of the Regular charge.

You have encouraged him, in every way you know how to overcharge.

He had recouped himself for the overcharge on the cup of tea.

The price of beer was fixed by law and an overcharge was punishable by drowning.

If it is an overcharge claim, the routine is comparatively simple.

Water may be drunk after breakfast, but not so as to overcharge the stomach.

I told them men that roofin' was cracked—an' then they overcharge!

It was nothing to do with him even if the Ritz was trying to make an overcharge for plum cake.