Overcloud [verb]

Definition of Overcloud:

cloud, steam up

Synonyms of Overcloud:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcloud:

Sentence/Example of Overcloud:

This may overcloud us all a little if—if anything should happen to Francis Ochterlony.

Suddenly Annie's shyness, reserve, whatever it was, seemed to overcloud her.

An apparatus of such complexity, placed in the fore part of the body, cannot fail to obscure and overcloud its physiognomy.

She had a gaiety and insouciance, and a natural childlike merriment that all her terrible disasters could not overcloud.

Somewhere, something had happened to overcloud his day, to uncover ancestral resemblances, possibilities.

Shades of sadness, which gradually assumed a darker character, began to overcloud the young man's temper.