Overcoats [noun]

Definition of Overcoats:

heavy coat

Synonyms of Overcoats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcoats:


Sentence/Example of Overcoats:

As was his custom, he wore no overcoat, but a short sweater under his coat.

Of course, the overcoat may not have been his, and may even have been stolen.

Mr Verloc, against his usual practice, had thrown off his overcoat.

The piece of overcoat with the address sewn on was certainly not a thing to leave about.

In his case it was a huge winter overcoat that must have weighed fifteen pounds.

At eleven I put on my hat and overcoat and went out into the rain.

He threw his overcoat into a chair, and touched the brass knobs behind the door.

Alexander put on his overcoat and took the superintendent by the arm.

Jimmy turned round to the hat rack and took down his cap and overcoat.

And, seeing that Claude was putting on his overcoat again, he asked: 'Are you going?'