Overcoming [verb]

Definition of Overcoming:

beat, defeat

Synonyms of Overcoming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcoming:

Sentence/Example of Overcoming:

In point of fact he was not suffering, but extreme dejection was overcoming him.

After overcoming every obstacle, he had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his enterprise.

Wentworth had some trouble in overcoming his friend's scruples.

I withstood all that, but you don't give up at all and step by step you are overcoming my resolve.

Desperately he fought to prevent the numbing sensation from overcoming him.

For Captain Dan it was no less an overcoming of obstinate difficulty than for me.

I resolved on overcoming her by an almost infallible method.

Overcoming a nervous contraction of the windpipe, I had managed to exclaim "Captain Falk!"

Essential too remains the other side of it, the overcoming of the resistance.

The overcoming of this resistance is a phenomenon of habituation.