Overconfident [adjective]

Definition of Overconfident:

overly sure of oneself

Synonyms of Overconfident:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overconfident:

Sentence/Example of Overconfident:

What happened then the overconfident Throg was not prepared to take.

Numerous incidents of a similar nature had made us overconfident.

There was no bashfulness in him, and no overconfident forwardness.

"You are overconfident, my friend," sneered the elder Pulsifer.

You may be overconfident, but it's a comfortable kind of feeling to have.

Dont ever boast or get overconfident; youre sure to regret it if you do.

The Danes were overconfident, and had allowed their discipline to relax.

He should not be overconfident in his knowledge of what will elevate and refine the community.

Perhaps one had—and I repented a little of my overconfident declaration.

The preliminary encounter was a mortifying experience for the sextet of overconfident youth.