Overcrowded [adjective]

Definition of Overcrowded:


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Sentence/Example of Overcrowded:

As the conductor had said, the cars were overcrowded, and they had to stand up in the aisle.

There are, of course, horrible accidents, for the boats are overcrowded.

This school today, as it was then, is overcrowded and in need of better facilities.

He went down stream the next morning, the Zaire overcrowded with Houssas.

They were overcrowded with business at their own prices, and disposed to be very dictatorial.

The room felt like a stuffy, overheated, overcrowded sepulchre.

It is just the same with the singing trade as it is in our overcrowded profession.

At midnight he had gravitated to the embankment, and found a seat not overcrowded.

“Yes, I know it is overcrowded,” said Bertram Chester, not a particle abashed.

Swarms were preparing to leave the overcrowded British hives.