Overcrowding [noun]

Definition of Overcrowding:

flood, inundation

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcrowding:

Sentence/Example of Overcrowding:

Sordid surroundings, ignorance, and overcrowding did the rest.

The overcrowding in cottages leads to what may be called an indifference to decency.

Surely this must indicate that the cause of decay is not overcrowding.

Diseases are due to dirt, to vice, to overcrowding, to want of common-sense.

"There will be no overcrowding to night," said Mrs. Blake bitterly.

But the overcrowding and unhappy circumstances of the family continued.

It was not actual poverty which reigned in the house, but there was overcrowding.

That overcrowding is facilitated by modern methods of sanitation.

But there is no reason why we should deceive ourselves as to the results of overcrowding.

That, however, was only a temporary remedy, and affected only overcrowding.