Overdo [verb]

Definition of Overdo:

go to extremes; carry too far

Opposite/Antonyms of Overdo:

Sentence/Example of Overdo:

We sha'n't be allowed to come to-morrow if we overdo it to-day.'

We have done it, and that was right, but we must not overdo it.

It is the best exercise I know of because you do not overdo your strength.

Rouge is indispensable, but care must be taken not to overdo it.

Oh, one can overdo the merry light-hearted rle, I assure 163 you.

I began to overdo the part, recognized the fact, and grew savage at myself.

First of all, in such affairs it is worse to overdo it than not to do enough.

That is, some people do not do their work sufficiently, but you overdo it.

Does she overdo the use of portamento, messa di voce, and such devices?

He means well; but now and then it's healthy to overdo matters a little.