Overdose [noun]

Definition of Overdose:


Opposite/Antonyms of Overdose:


Sentence/Example of Overdose:

It must have been pretty powerful, too, for the doctor to warn against an overdose.

I had been saved from being smothered by having taken an overdose of some narcotic.

That is their chief virtue—in rendering an overdose harmless.

That medicine on your wash-stand—an overdose of that and you can say it was a mistake.

“Overdose of hammers,” she diagnosed, then wisely changed the subject.

An overdose of the opiate the doctor was giving her to ease her pain.

Is not lavender the only scent in the world that does not lose by an overdose?

To administer an overdose of this was not unnatural, perhaps, in a youthful doctor.

Robert died of an overdose of chloroform at ten this morning.

Had Merthyr, in restoring her to health, given her an overdose of the poison?